What are the steps of Relationship Healing Process

Cheating can spoil any relation and reveals the unfavorable consequences for a couple. Unfortunately, the healing process of relationship does not take place overnight. Psychological trauma is very typical wound that goes very late. It can take few days, months, or even some years. Even a most loving couple may suffer through the hurt feelings, resentment, and guilt. To solve these issues, couple should collectively perform the healing process because an individual cannot do it perfectly. The combine efforts of couple can make safe their love life.


Relationship Healing Process

Relationship Healing Process


The first and most valuable virtue of relation is Honesty. Along with it, you may try a written apology, can share responsibility, and set up some rules. These efforts strengthen your relationship. Sometimes, it happens that love partner does not tell you about the things that make him or her feel bad, but in order to save the love life, they do not tell a single word about that. After some time, relations get converted into a mental trauma or you can call it a wound. If this wound is not healed from long time, it can damage your relationship very badly. While we start relationship healing, trust plays a vital role in that. If your relations do not have trust, then you do not have anything. Your relation is worthless. If you cannot do faith on your partner, then figure out the reason behind it and try to remove it soon.

Another best measure is communication. Try to solve old things with conversation. Communication is the key element of relationship healing. If you are hurt due to your partner’s act, then let it know him or her. It does matter how longer your relationship is? Your partner cannot read your mind. If you will make him or her understand about your feeling, then it is possible that you could be able to remove all the soreness. It also starts the most awaited relationship recovery process.

As the physical abuse, the mental abuse is not possible to be cured itself over time. The abusive relationship takes place while one in the relation scared of parting of relation. Sometimes, you partner can try to humiliate you just for maintaining the domination. During the process of Abusive relationship healing, you may have to leave your freedom. There may be a lot of frustration and anger in the abusive person. You must have to find the reason why s/he is doing so. Once you make him or her realize about their doings, they will do apologies for their acts.

After taking break up, several things remain around you that keep you grief alive in your mind. If you find yourself by seeing these things, it is better to remove them from your living place. If you want to cry, just seat aside and do it. It will probably reduce your pain. These solutions are the part of Relationship Break up Healing Process. So anyone who is suffering from break up can start this relationship healing process.

One who lost the lover can only understand the process of Relationship Grieving. Some similar things happen during the Relationship Grieving. First, the person denies in accepting the reality that the relation is not sustaining. Anger and Depression can reveal in many forms. Bargaining can be happened to find a way to get back love. The final stage is acceptance in which the broken heart accepts the reality with peace.



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The Common Marriage Problems Solutions

In most of the marriages, a time comes when they seem not to be working any more. Some people decide to take divorce in typical married relation and some do not take this painful decision but they suffer needlessly. A couple has to spend the entire life together and it is not possible that every day will go with joy and happiness. Sometimes the married life gets stuck. After spending many years together, couples discover some new issues, including some bad habits that can never be changed. To make worse the fight, one of them brings the unrelated issue in the matter that leads the fight to a big quarrel. The daily fight on the small matters gives birth to irritation that ends in the divorce.



Marriage Problems Solutions

Marriage Problems Solutions


Finding an ideal partner is the biggest hurdle for a marriage. The hurdle may happen due to grah dosh in the Kundali. The astrology has the well-defined solution of them. Astrological solutions are able to handle any kind of marriage problem. It is too bad while your partner plays with your emotions or do not give you respect. The behavior of your partner disappoints you many times. You do not want to take divorce because of a long relationship. The marriage problem solutions are the best medicine that you can use to make your life simple and meaningful.


Islam has provided its great contribution in reinstating the several married lives. Conflicts are not beneficial for any kind of relationship. It is not possible for a couple to be close without having love between them. Islam provides the path that helps to renovate the relation from a new edge. A couple has to accept the differences of each other. They should accept the truth that they have to spend life with these differences. Islam gets you the surefire way to accept those differences of your partner. Once you accept that you would not have any problem with your partner.


The couples decide to be married soon without analyzing the future of the relationship. As time passes, they realize the reality of married life. The Love problem occurs in the married life. Couples started to make rumors about each other. While couple asks their parents for love marriage, they directly deny from it because they think that you have better option that your lover. Some other problems are caste, social & financial status, grah dosh and many more.


Inter caste marriage is not a new concept in our society, but still it is not allowed in our families. Couples always scared of marriage issue because their parents do not provide their consent for love marriage. According to the traditions, the girl and boy should relate to same caste otherwise, they are not allowed to marry. Astrology breaks these unwanted rules and facilitates couples to perform inter caste love marriage. If we see from a different angle, astrology is helpful to break the Hippocratic thinking of the society.


You will feel amazed while you get the effective marriage problem solutions from us. To get it soon, call us right now.




Marriage Problems Solutions | Intercast Marriage Problems


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