Common Family Problems after Marriage


The marriage is one of the oldest traditions in our society. A married couple has to make several compromises post marriage. Married couples have some unique problems that do not allow them to live a peaceful life. According to the popular convention, the peace of the family depends on the woman. It is not completely true. In the case, when any trouble occurs in the family, the woman is targeted for it. It is not a practical approach to live the life. A family can live a healthy life when a couple has a mutual understanding between them. A woman cannot along bear all the responsibilities. You cannot blame your wife for all the sorrows of the family. We will further discuss the types of family problems and role of couples in them.


Family Problems after Marriage

Family Problems after Marriage



The Adjustment is the most common problem among the couple. In modern times, a newly married couple does not want to live with family. They want to purchase their own home because they think that it is not the place where they wish to spend the whole life. These types of problems can be sorted out with mutual understanding of the couple. If the couple will try, they can adjust in the family.
Several other family issues are listed here.


• Family planning
• Money matters
• Child
• Physical Appearance
• Ego problem


These are common family issues that occur after the marriage. Most of the couples need time to plan a family. The Woman is tend to start a family soon whereas man want to be prepared financially and emotionally. Despite of it, money matter is the big issue of married couple’s life. They all are solvable through the astrological methods.

When a newly married couple tries to adjust in a joint family, they have to face several problems. Usually girls have to handle difficult situations because she comes into another house by leaving her own home. It takes time to adjust with new relations.

Intercaste marriage is a big issue in our society. Firstly, parents do not give their consent easily for intercaste marriage. If they provide, it comes with several rules and regulation that couple cannot follow entire life. Couples have to face backbiting every time. If you want to solve this problem, you can choose an effective astrological remedy. Astrology simplifies your life and facilitates you to take a joyful ride of life.

Engagement is like an agreement that binds the two individuals for a marriage. Couples think that how would they manage together after marriage. These types of family problems have astrological solutions that you may get through a learned astrologer.


In present time, there are uncountable family-problems occur after the marriage. They need to be solved at the right time otherwise; they can spoil the entire life of the couple. As it, says-precaution is always better than cure. The same concept applies to the marriage. On the other hand, intercaste marriages are taking height day by day. Along with it, the family problems are growing. By using proper astrological measures, you can come out from all these family issues.

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How to Cast Witchcraft Spells Divinity


Witchcraft Spells Divinity

Witchcraft Spells Divinity


Witchcraft is based on divinity because it purifies the evil practices of witchcraft, resultant people gets the actual benefit from it. A spell casting devoted to divinity brings happiness, prosperity, love, joy, good fortune in the society. Divinity spells are not easy to cast as other spells. It is the oldest spell that reveals powerful effect, so to control it a learned astrologer is always required. To get the expected results from divinity spells, you have to spend quality time for practicing this spells. The more quality time you will spend, the more power you get through it. At the casting time, you should be in the relaxive position that helps in managing appropriate environment for casting. Divinity spells have their great attachment with Witchcraft. Several divinity spells are counted under the witchcraft. Every spell casting is devoted to a specific god. The spell caster should remember that god while they are casting spells. Spell casting under the shade of divinity behave in a controlled manner as well as you get success in finding your goal.


  • Divinity spells help in removing the effect of sinful deeds. Every person does some kind of works in his or her life and they have to face consequences against of their work. It is the toughest rule of nature. These sins remain always original because no one can change his or her bad deeds while they cannot go back into the past. So the sins remain always original. Now you will think -is there any solution that can get rid of you from these sinful deeds? Of course, there is one for you; In fact, it is for all. Witchcraft divinity spells bring tremendous changes in your life. Everyone can get permanent relief from his sins. They also stop you to involve in a sinful work.


  • Witchcraft spell is mean to create a connection with divine as you feel it. You may perform it according to your time relevance. The spells require only one foremost thing is you should have knowledge about your surroundings. You wash your sinful deeds by practicing witchcraft divinity spells regularly. You may tend to perform some meditation before the spell casting. You should be because your mind should be stable while spell casting. When casting reaches on its peak, you feel a strong connection with god through divinity. Now you ask God to forgive your sinful deeds that you have done in the past.


  • A sin is considered as an offense against divine law. The law teaches us to help others and always act according them. If someone acts against the divine law, then it is counted under the sin. Everyone should try to follow this law for a peaceful life. God has not given the right to hurt someone. If someone does so, the direct mean is that he is going against the divine law. The one becomes free from the sinful deeds through Witchcraft spells, but the foremost requirement is that his or her casting should only with a pure heart. If the caster has malicious feelings while he cast spell, it can reveal opposite results.


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